DAY Home Elevators FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which are the various branded home elevator models you supply?

We are distributors of different models of home elevators from well-known names such as ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria, and Federal Elevator.

2. How do you offer home elevator installation services?

Yes. We have factory-trained and certified professionals to do the installation for you and get your elevator running within the minimum time possible.

3. What is the load capacity of your home elevators?

The load capacity of our home elevators can be anywhere from 450 lbs to as much as 1400 lbs depending on which model you go for. Prolift Voyager from Savaria Concord has a 1400 lb capacity.

4. Is a pit necessary if I want to install a home elevator in my home?

Some elevators require a pit while some do not. The advantage of the pitless elevators is that they enable installation in existing applications without the need for expensive reinforcing or slab cuts.

5. What are the different systems of home elevators that you sell? Which is the best?

We sell home elevators with systems such as hydraulic drive, chain drive, winding drum, and gearless motor technology. The right system for you would depend on code requirements and the specific application.

6. How do I know which elevator is best for my home?

We have a team of experts who can match need to elevator. They would ensure that the elevator is suitable for the architectural makeup of your home.

7. What must I do to get advice on the right home elevator?

Simply complete and send to us the Free Consultation Request form available on our website to schedule a complimentary consultation with DAY Elevator & Lift.

8. How safe are these home elevators?

DAY ensures that all its home elevators are free from manufacturer defects. We employ only certified and factory-trained people to carry out the installation and maintenance of the elevators. The home elevators come with their own unique safety features such as emergency stop switch, safety interlocks, UPS (uninterrupted power supply), emergency light, cable safety devices, telephone, and flow control valve. Features such as battery powered emergency lowering and lighting, battery backup, or uninterrupted power supply mean no worries during power outages.

9. What about the price for a home elevator?

The price for a home elevator would vary with the make and model of elevator, the number of floors the elevator would have to serve, location of the jobsite, design of the cab, finish requirements, loading capacity, and type of material. The more sophisticated the features, the higher the price. Customization is a deciding factor.

10. Do you sell “Green Elevators”?

Yes, we do. We distribute Volant Elevators from ThyssenKrupp Access that utilize gearless motor technology. This enables less energy usage than that associated with conventional elevators. What’s more, no gears means no need for pumps or hydraulic fluids which can leak or break down.

11. What kind of repair and maintenance services do you provide?

We perform periodic scheduled check-ups to ensure flawless functioning and consistent, uninterrupted good performance. Additionally, we have 24-hour on-call service to ensure timely fixing of your elevator glitches. We also provide continuous customer support. Our repair and maintenance technicians are certified and factory-trained professionals.

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